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Feel better, Work better, Live better with Energy Breaks

Attract the best employees and reduce stress with onsite chair massage from Energy Breaks.
Our licensed massage therapists come onsite to your office, organization or event in the Chicagoland area.

At Energy Breaks, we offer chair massages in the length you choose, from 10-40 minutes,
right at your workplace or event. We'll focus on the head, neck, shoulders and back, to relieve
the damaging effects of stress.

Chair massages are the perfect way to attract and retain the best employees, reduce absenteeism, boost morale and improve productivity. Massage can help work-related issues including headaches, stress, and carpal tunnel symptoms. And, it's a great way to show employees,
clients and friends how much you value them.

Chair massages are also ideal for company parties, busy trade shows, bridal showers,
birthday parties and anywhere people can use a little relaxation.

Choose Energy Breaks and bring out the best!