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Feel better, faster with
Energy Breaks massage

How it works:

For chair massages, our clients are fully-clothed. When you schedule Energy Breaks for your company or group, all we need is a small, private space. We'll bring the chair, music and our expertise. Just provide us with a list of participants and we'll be ready to go.

On-site chair massage is perfect for:

• Offices / Workplaces • Health Fairs • Offices Parties • Employee Appreciation
• Customer Promotions • Grand Openings • Trade Shows • Special Events
• Parties • Girls Night In • Weddings • Bridal and Baby Showers

Chair massage has so many benefits. They include:

For you:

• increase energy and stamina
• reduce stress
• increase circulation
• relieve physical and emotional stress
• reduce muscle fatigue and tension
• boost your immuse system
• encourage better posture

For your team:

• reduce absenteeism
• encourage relaxation and cooperation
• improve job satisfaction
• give people a feeling of being acknowledged and appreciated

For your company:

Stress costs American companies billions of dollars each year in associated costs.
On-site corporate chair massage can:
• increase morale and company pride
• reward performance
• reduce stress and promote health
• reduce sick time and absenteeism
• reinforce the message that you value your people's health and wellbeing
• attract and retain top-quality employees
• create an atmosphere of camaraderie, trust and loyalty
• reduce the high cost of employee turnover
• decrease repetitive injuries and workers injuries