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We work to bring out
the Best in you

Energy Breaks will kindly and gently improve your
well-being at work and at play.

As one of the first companies in Chicago to bring chair massages onsite to offices and events,
Energy Breaks brings decades of onsite chair massage experience to you.

Energy Breaks was founded in the late 1990s by Chicago massage pioneer Patricia Deer.
Since the company's early days, Karen Risinger trained and worked with Patricia. Today,
Energy Breaks is led by Karen. Each of our massage therapists are skilled professionals, trained
to provide chair massage with maximum benefit, in minimal time. Energy Breaks massage therapists are creative and compassionate.

At Energy Breaks, we are socially and environmentally conscious. Energy Breaks donates
a percentage of profits and offers pro bono work to various independent projects for the betterment of physical, educational and community programs. One such organization is
Wisdom Project, a Chicago-based educational project

We're proud to be a locally owned and locally focused company, committed to working with
the best onsite massage therapists around. Energy Breaks is a team of dedicated, compassionate licensed massage professionals working hard to help people become happier and healthier
at work and at play.